Kasia Michaels

Polish-born Kasia Michaels has always led with her creativity and attention to detail, putting her heart into every step of the way.  A former world champion ballroom professional, Kasia has unique insight into the power of style. She works with clients ranging from Oscar nominees dressing for the Academy Awards and reality tv personalities to C-level executives. She has been recognized as a force of fashion by Modern Luxury, Riviera and Orange Coast magazines, and she has been a Lead Stylist for LA Luxury Magazine, GENLUX. 

Drawing from her own experience and expertise, Kasia carefully crafts an exciting styling experience that aligns her clients' ambitions with their style, enabling them to dress with purpose and intention. 

"My style philosophy revolves around making thoughtful choices when developing your style. Your style should align harmoniously with your powerful self and how you desire the world to perceive you. It should possess the boldness necessary to make a resounding statement while exuding an air of chic refinement that reflects your inherent sophistication.

Wife. Stepmother. Entrepreneur. Style Expert. 

Kasia's             Philosophy 


I believe that with powerful style comes endless opportunity."

- Kasia Michaels



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